Bring A Glove…And A Life Jacket To Practice

Unless the coach calls you…please show up for practice. Bring a boat and/or life jacket.




Close the Lid on the New MLB Practice Caps?


Home Batting Practice Caps

While I am actually glad to move on from the old MLB batting practice cap design (specifically, Detroit’s), I’m not yet certain how I feel about the new caps.  I love the simple English D of course but never cared for the white piping.  At first glance, I cringed and agreed with the C- grade it received from ESPN.  However, the more I look at it, I think it’s growing on me.  Perhaps when I have the opportunity to personally check one out and try it on, I can then fairly give it my personal grade too.

Apparently it’s become expected that teams will get a new hat design every three to four years, though I am uncertain if it’s expected for each of the 30 teams.  One fact I wasn’t aware of  is that the practice caps differ in material from the caps they wear in the games.  These new practice ones do not have a stretchy material in them.   At the very least, the MLB put another item for us fans to shop for which results in more sales from their marketing efforts.  If you’re a Tiger fan, what are your thoughts on the new batting practice hats?


Away Batting Practice Caps

Whether you like them or think they are for the most part hideous, your team will be wearing them!  Will you be?

Check out the other MLB teams batting practice caps too!