Thankful to be Called ‘Safe at Home’ When Anxiety Disorder Attacks

I found myself thinking about my personal and professional goals and dreams while I sat in the quiet stillness of the night.  Somehow, I ended up pushing my already anxious mind over the edge into an anxiety attack.  The creative mind I have been blessed with often doesn’t know how to slow itself down and I realize too late that my thoughts are in a speedy sprint with one another.

A week ago, I had an episode come on while sitting on the couch.  My daughter was playing and I was giving her the remaining bites of a tasty dinner when I sensed my mind literally telling me to run.  I quickly stood up and indeed ran to lay down in the quiet of my bedroom with my eyes closed.  The anxiety attack subsided after about a half hour and thankfully I was okay the remainder of the evening.

Imagine if you will, you’re watching a baseball game.  A base hit has just been drilled by your favorite team’s clean up hitter with a runner on second base and it’s the 7th inning. You intently watch and cheer, hoping the runner gets the green light to score a run.  The excitement builds as the center fielder cleanly fields the ball, throwing it to their cut off man and the infielder decides to let the ball go through to the catcher to make a play at home plate.  Acquiring this run would give your team a 2-run advantage with only two more innings to play.  The runner is only steps away from home plate as the ball flies into the catcher’s mitt.  Intensity rises as the two bodies collide, both determined but wanting to hear the umpire yell completely different results.  Those seemingly delayed seconds as you listen for the umpire’s decision creates an intense anxiousness until you finally hear, “safe!” along with the familiar motion of the ump’s arms.

This is the best way I can describe what happens internally when I experience a panic or anxiety attack. From even before the crack of the ball on the bat, the possibility of a base hit sets the nervousness inside you in motion.  You can feel it coming on, I can feel the intensity of it rise and then most likely spins out of control.

Not only am I relieved to hear the words “safe” as my anxiety attack fades, I’m also grateful to feel “safe at home” as a freelance writer who is temporarily living with family who have provided me with a safe haven. It truly is a blessing due to my anxiety which often seems to be brought on when I’m in publicHowever, only in the last couple of years have I experienced this type of anxiety disorder.  Truthfully though my work is liberating, I enjoy writing and creating.  Currently, I have a laundry list (and a couple loads of laundry to do!) of web design and content I need to implement and fuse together.  Am I stressing over it?  Eh, not really although I do wish I had more uninterrupted time to accomplish these short term goals but I am a Mama first and foremost.  Perhaps it’s the personal battles and issues (both those I have control over and those I don’t) I am dealing with that are bubbling to the surface lately.

I am by no means claiming to be an expert in knowing how to combat anxiety but I have learned by focusing on my breathing, this does wonders in helping  any anxiety-related episodes subside.  Counting sheep, thinking of anything or anyone that makes me happy or praying revs my mental muscles up too much so those don’t work for me.  When I concentrate on my breathing though I’m focusing on only a breathing exercise, I’m physically and mentally giving myself something to do.

Regardless of how you tame your anxieties,  I hope you have a team that supports you through your tough seasons and cheers you on during your victories.  Anxiety disorders, mental illness, emotional problems, etc can be embarrassing and very difficult to face on your own (trust me, I know).   Seek out family and friends that can pick you up and dust you off after an untimely strike out or during a batting slump or after a fundamental fielding error.

Find those people you can be yourself around, chances are they feel the freedom to be themselves around you as well, and be a loving support to one another!  Life is tough.   Share the good and bad seasons with those you trust and with those who make you feel ‘safe at home.’

To Shea or Not To Shea Your Hair?

Baseball fans are still buzzing about the newly unveiled MLB  batting practice caps, so I thought I’d keep the rally going and discuss about what lies smashed beneath whatever hat style you choose:

Our hair.

Love Your Hair?

Love Your Hair?

How many of us have cut out photos of various hairstyles we love and excitedly bring them to our stylist hoping she can create the same look for us?  Most likely what draws us to certain styles besides our own personal taste is how healthy it appears.

Perhaps one of your resolutions for the new year is to have longer, curlier, more manageable hair or maybe even adding a colorful tint to your tendrils with a new color.  Regardless of what it is you desire to do, the most important thing is to ensure your hair is healthy.  I suggest bringing your mane to a healthy condition before you do anything else, especially if you’re planning on putting any chemicals in your hair (perms, dyes, etc).

How do you get beautiful, shiny healthy hair?  Naturally. 

Recently I discovered (and tried) various all-natural products for my hair and face.  I truthfully had never put much thought into what the ingredients were in my hair products until last year.  Something about turning 35-years-old had me contemplating  my facial product choices so I began googling ‘natural face cleansers’, ‘all-natural face soap’, etc.  After gathering important factual research (I never purchase anything quickly haha) and reading reviews, I decided upon a particular website that has a store on eBay named Enchanted Waters.  I will share in a future post the facial products I now faithfully use that have made a beautiful and beneficial difference for my face 🙂 Anyways, back to our hair!

An amazing, natural and revitalizing pure ingredient is shea butter for your hair.  Enchanted Waters mentioned above has a 3.5oz Tea Tree Conditioning Shampoo Bar that is FANTASTIC for your hair and contains:

  • Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Soy Oil and Sunflower Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Essential Oils of: Tea Tree and Cajeput
  • Parsley Powder
  • Glycerin
  • Natural Vitamin E

This is pH balanced for all hair types, contain NO harsh chemicals and promises to leave you with thicker, more manageable and shinier hair!  And of course, you can check elsewhere for shampoo bars so here are a few other cautions to be aware of when shopping for shea butter:

FAKE UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER: Hard, green or some awkward color, smells bad, mixed with various ingredients.


  • Unrefined: Pure, straight from nature (most expensive)
  • Refined: bleached but has some of it’s original components intact.
  • Processed/Industrialized: Stripped of its natural components. Non natural components like hexane is added to yield more shea butter.

The Tea Tree Conditioning Shampoo Bar mentioned above has shea butter in addition with other natural ingredients.  You can also purchase from other websites pure, unrefined shea which can be used once or twice a week as a revitalizer.  Massage it into your scalp and hair and then wrap with a warm towel for 30 minutes.  It improves hair texture, moisture and growth.  If you’re a swimmer, you can apply it to help protect hair from chlorine and salt.  Shea Butter is a daily moisturizer that has numerous uses:

Stretch Marks, Chapped or Dry Lips, Chaffing, Blemishes, Hands, Cuticles,

Feet, Cracked Heels, Bumps, Massages, Dry, Flaky, Rough & Dull Skin,

Dark Spots, Marks, Minor Scars, Premature Facial Lines, Blisters, Knees, Elbows and More!

Obviously, I cannot say enough positive about Shea Butter and other natural ingredients we can use to enhance our natural beauty.  Give it a try and if you have any questions, comment below or shoot me an email at  I would love to hear your thoughts and what hair products you love and use!

So whether you were contemplating purchasing one of the new MLB batting practice hats or not, by creating healthy hair you will not need to wear it to cover up a bad hair day!

Healthy is Beautiful no matter what size and shape you are, remember that!

I am going to cleanse and moisturize my face with the soap and facial moisturizer which I will be sharing with you in a future post so I gotta go!