Yeah…I’d Tote That

Yeah...I'd Tote That

The smell of a quality, leather handbag is like a fine perfume to this baseball gal’s nose. But how much BETTER would it’s scent be and with how much MORE STYLE would I have, as I tote this BASEBALL GLOVE HANDBAG??
But would I take on the challenge of making one for myself? Hmmm. I have made a handful of repurposed handbags/totes/purses but I don’t know…

For now the only way for me to ‘swipe this bag’ is by cash or charge.

Later this summer, I will share the baseball style bags I have created.

Relaced Love,

Belle of Baseball

Perfecting Your Pitch by Providing Repurposed Products of Your Passion

Truly, there is something nostalgic about listening to a ball game on the radio while I sew, paint or write from home. Although I do LOVE attending MLB games (Detroit Tigers in particular at Comerica Park), watching the bulk of the 162 regular season games from my couch at home is preferred.

Being a stay at home momma is a gift. Those precious years before we send our children to school pass by so quickly. Needless to say, my heart, as well as my hands I use to create handbags, canvas paintings and ‘words of art’ via freelance writing, both abide in my home.

The last five years I have pursued countless online employment opportunities. All making little to no money BUT I gained much knowledge in online marketing, SEO, website design, writing…list goes on. I still had this nudge to create my own online business. I knew I could attain it but to do so I had to keep trying and not just give up on it!
For the past year, I went with the ol’ reliable method of reselling items on eBay. Brings a smile to my face to sell new and used clothing items to people for a good bargain. I have focused primarily on women’s/women’s plus size and children’s clothing and have had good success and established myself thus far. Upon purchasing a pair of name brand jeans, I unknowingly bought them with a hole-in the crotch, of course 🙂 There wasn’t much I could do with them honestly so my mind began imagining what I could create from them and gave them a new purpose:

I made a purse, by hand, no sewing machine at all and I still use it to this day. I hesitantly yet more confidently thought “I can do this”…”I can continue to do this from unwanted clothing…”
My creativity exploded and I made a handful of purses repurposed from clothes within only a few weeks time. I of course pulled my sewing machine out for these and haven’t looked back since. I did however, pause. Why?
baseballgripflameAs a pitcher in baseball steps off the rubber on the mound to gather himself and make the next pitch, I decided to continue throwing my cutter fastball (repurposed handbags from unwanted clothing)-you know, stick with what works! However, I decided to add a two-seam fastball to my creative arsenal, creating baseball-inspired handbags in three different styles.


My customers can choose a main navy or red striped ticking material and then a lining color as well, which will also be pockets and top edge trim. I wanted to keep it simple yet customizable; understanding of people’s different likes/dislikes. ( I reserve the right to choose this coordinating design but will be in customer’s color choice) 🙂

Having the freedom to work from my humble abode has it’s home field advantages. Every ‘fastball’ I throw is intended to make an impression. I strive to maintain and improve each part of the creation process and with each product I make. Combining my passion of baseball with my creative outlets of design, sewing, painting and writing is extremely fulfilling.

Thank you for being here as I grow from a rookie online entrepreneur to whatever God has in store for me the rest of this season and hopefully many more to come!

Future Facelift Plans…For Website

Pinterest.  I love it.  It’s addicting…and the set up and design of their website is brilliant and organized!

This is the future facelift plan I am speaking of!  I plan to incorporate a similar look onto so we can easily view different posts, photos, videos etc on a one page ‘corkboard’ like Pinterest, keeping the baseball theme with feminine touches.  If any of you have ideas, please feel free to pass them onto me, I’d love to hear them!

This is one of my short term goals, let’s see…I’m going to give myself a reasonable time frame of 1  year to acquire this.  I’m assuming this website will grow in numbers and even if it doesn’t, I’m ok with that; but I have found when you have an obvious passion for something, it’s contagious and people want to be a part of it and grow with you.

Another short term goal I am continuing to work on today actually is linking this site to my brand new Etsy store blog owners must abide by certain rules regarding links so I am researching and learning how to do this within those boundaries.

My store is open but somewhat ‘under construction’ as I’m establishing my shop design,  information, as well as adding items for sale.

I will be selling handbags in 2 different categories: Upcycled and Baseball-Inspired New Bags.  Inventory I am currently posting are all upcycled handbags which means they have been created into purses, totes, handbags from clothing no longer being worn.  The baseball inspired handbags will have 3 different styles/sizes to choose from-I have nearly completed the second purse design to share with you soon!  When I have 3 finished handbags of each design/style, I will post them for sale as available on Etsy and will share them here as well.  From that point on, I will create purses as I wish in my free time and they can be ‘made to order’ (customer places an order, then I create one for them but not customized).

Anyways, thank you for being here now and growing together.

I have to go for now, I have a 3-year-old that wants to play Legos! 🙂