Who’s on First?

Grab your glove, a baseball and let’s play catch!

Holly Marie
Holly Marie


Hello, baseball fans…they call me Holly, Holly Marie, Hol, Mama (well, 2 children call me this) and I am also known as ‘Belle of Baseball’.

I created this website to further my baseball enjoyment, expand my knowledge of baseball and to interact with those of you that have a passion for this game.  Initially this began as a place for female fans to gather and connect.  In time, I found that most of my followers, discussions, messages and tweets came from the male population, so I am honored to share my diamond dust of wisdom through stories, wit, humor, life experiences (good and bad) and the Detroit Tigers with everyone of you

If you have been following this blog or are just beginning to, you will notice I reference the the motor city players, coaches, etc often.  Not gonna apologize for it my friends, I was born into a family that raised me to love Detroit and I shall remain true to myself.  However, please do not misunderstand, I have an intense passion for baseball.  I’m not even certain I know how to explain it but if you continue to follow me season after season, I believe we will discover together why we find a play at the plate, a suicide squeeze or a final out of a perfect game so fascinating to watch.

Mental illness, in particular bipolar disorder, is a cause near and dear to my heart.  Season to season, those that battle bipolar have their highs and lows and sometimes they silently do so.  My posts will often bring awareness to this disorder, usually comparing it to the game of baseball.  I have a book in progress which is a very personal battle which combines my passion for baseball, bipolar disorder, faith and love.  I will be sharing updates regarding the book, sharing excerpts from it, asking questions of all of you as I write and keeping your informed of when I expect a release date for my book to be on shelves.  So please be advised: anything you share, could be included into my book!

Now, back to playing catch.



  1. Hi Jeremy, thank you for your reply-especially the “younger than I expected” comment! 🙂 I actually took a hiatus from writing for several months.
    I’m now a Michigan gal loving and living in Tennessee 🙂 Most all baseball fans here are Atlanta Braves fans, which is the closest MLB stadium (besides Cincinnati Reds). Now that I’m settled, I have time to write. Belle of Baseball has much to say….stay tuned.

  2. I love this web site. You’re much younger then I expected. My friend’s blog directed me here. He says he knows you and thinks about you everyday. His name is Rich. I doubt he knows you. Your pig is his last name. You should do a game day for fans where we all me. Baseball’s awesome! Please reply. Go Sox!

    • Yes, I do enjoy meeting fans! And I’m sure Rich doesn’t even remember who I am…but yes, you can stop doubting your friend now, we knew one another. Please tell him I hope he’s doing well, thank you.

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