Tomboys Choose Ken Griffey Over Barbie’s Ken

Baseball has been a favorite past time of mine since I was a young child. I had an excellent childhood, filled with good memories and even during the bad times, there was always unconditional love, family…and baseball. Specifically, Detroit Tiger’s baseball. Moving a few times in recent years has made me forget where I placed all the baseball trading cards I accumulated when I was a young girl. They are safely packed away in a keepsake box, I do know that.  I definitely know I had more MLB player cards than I had any other toys such as Barbie Dolls. Thank you to my loving, giving, Tiger fans I had as parents for raising me to love this game of baseball.


By the way, I think I owned a rockin’ outfit VERY similar to the Barbie’s on the far right in the photo below. Leg warmers included.

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Than one of these as a child growing up:



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