1920’s Baseball in Smalltown USA


This is the left-hand side of a canvas painting I am in the middle of creating. I LOVE the 1920’s era: baseball, men and women’s fashion, a simpler time, etc. I love the idea of “1920’s Baseball in Smalltown, USA” and this is what has translated from my mind to canvas so far. Once I motivate myself to take a picture of the other right side, I will post that. I tried taking a photo of the entire canvas but I wasn’t able to capture the detail this early in the process. Stay tuned as I continue to add layer upon layer of black, white, gray and off-white paint to this painting. This is actually the first black ‘n’ white canvas I have ever done, I usually paint in color. The mental image in my head though has always been void of color to better capture this inspiring early 1900’s era. I prefer to create in a natural light so now that Michigan is warming up, I will find myself working on this-instead of raking leaves-outdoors 🙂


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