I’m grateful modern technology brings news to me quicker than little Jimmy once did while riding his bike lugging a load of newspapers and then whipping them into people’s front yards.  I receive instant baseball updates through Bleacher Report directly to my iPhone.  While reading through the latest baseball buzz, my eye caught a headline that read, “MLB Writers Leaderboard 2012”.  Instantly, the headline grabbed me as a writer and baseball fan so I clicked on the link.  I skimmed through each writer to find that ALL OF THEM WERE MEN! (If there’s men reading this, don’t get your jockstrap all twisted, I’m not male bashing, I’m merely making a point that not one female is on this list).  Intrigued?  Yes.  And slightly determined to get myself on that list!  Let me add, I am not certain if there are no female contributing columnists or if they just didn’t make the leaderboard.

Either way, I want to be on that list, haha!

On a sidenote: Did you know can google anything, anytime and from numerous devices, it’s really quite amazing when you think about it-little Jimmy would never be able to pedal that fast.  Just for kicks, I randomly typed in “armpit itch” yesterday while putting this post together.  (No, I have no idea how or why my mind wandered there but perhaps I had been itching my armpit).  I won’t tell you what google found because I know you actually want to do this for yourself…right? hahaha…I’ll wait to continue until you get back!…

Have fun going throbleacherreportappugh the results?  Haha, now you know I’m a bit quirky!  My point is you can have abundant information in front of you quickly.

Anyways, I recommend this Bleacher Report app to anyone with a smartphone.  If you’re on the go often it’s a fantastic way to receive those     sports updates in real time.  I often cannot keep up with my racing thoughts and forget to check on baseball news.  If you have a brain like the one I have been blessed with, it’s difficult for me to remember or record all the creative ideas I get down on paper or into any of my electronic notepads!

Since you can add/delete teams to customize this app, during October playoff baseball my iPhone notifications from Bleacher Report were blowing up my phone!  I had basically added every team in the post season so you can imagine!  Ahh, how I miss baseball!

What a blessing and honor it would be to interview your favorite ball players-what an article I would write!  Someday perhaps, you just never know.  Here’s to hoping!

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